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Q: When do prices go up?

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As with similar races the nearer we get to the event date the more the price will go up for team entries. The reason for this is because it is easier to order medals (BLING!) and Tshirts ahead of time so set up and shipping costs are minimized! We can have a guestimate of how many participants we think we will have, but in the case we have to order more giveaways closer to the event the more expensive it costs us. So in short, our costs go up and so does the events.

Want to get a City Quest entry at the earliest price? Well take a look at the fee schedule below for City Quest Tampa. Make sure you buy early to get the best price!

$49 until 7/31/15.
$59 from 8/1 to 8/14.
$69 from 8/15 to 8/28.
$79 from 8/29 to 9/11.
$89 from 9/12 to 9/27.
$99 until 10/3/15.


Note: We originally were charging a fee scale based on number of participants and that has changed. However, all previous registrations were at lowest level so no registrations were effected. Any questions feel free to reach out directly or comment.

Q: How do we solve these clues?

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At the start of City Quest participants will be given a sheet full of questions, riddle, and clues to help them successfully navigate to the challenge stops along the race. The clues are in no particular order so solving them early is essential to running an efficient race! What do these clues look like? Here is an example of a clue that could used for the city of Tampa:

  • If you have ever eaten jelly beans with friends you will likely know that people either love or hate this color jelly bean. Do you know what color we are talking about? If so, what is the name of flowering plant called that gives them their unforgettable flavor? Navigate your way to the restaurant that goes by the same name and get ready for your next challenge!

Think you know what the answer is? Comment on this blog post and let’s see what you’ve got!

Many people ask how they are supposed to solve these clues and the short answer is: HOWEVER YOU WANT! You can bring a friend to the race with you who stays at the start/end point. You can look them all up on your phone. Phone a friend! Ask the tourist downtown (not suggested). Use maps. Follow other teams.  It doesn’t matter, because there are literally no rules to how you solve the clues.

Personally, when I was a participant in other similar races I had friends look them up and help me map the most efficient route through the city. The only rule is that you must complete every challenge with your teammate and that you can only use public transportation or walk/jog/run to get there,  i.e. no cabs, ubers, lyfts, bikes, unicycles (though it would be fun to watch), skateboards, rollerblades, 4 wheel skates, hoverboards, etc. Busses, Subways, Trolleys, people movers, etc are ok! If you have questions leave a comment and we will make sure to clarify anything you ask!

Q: What is the distance of the race at City Quest?

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A: I remember asking this question before my first adventure race. I sat there with a map of the city in hand and thought to myself “how far do I plan on running today?”. I quickly found out that nobody in this race was going to run the same distance, it all depended on my planning skills!


City Quest isn’t like your typical road race where you follow a set course and have a specific distance that you will run from start to finish. Instead you are given a sheet of clues in random order and you will determine your own path and distance based on your research and mapping skills! On average our race will likely be about 3.5 miles total, however, that can vary depending on if you solved the clues correctly, started off in the right direction, if you mapped it in an organized order getting you from challenge to challenge in the shortest distance, and other factors (like did you take all roads or cut through parking lots)! It could be less, it could be more, but on average you should be around 3.5 miles.
This is truly your race and you are the biggest factor in the time and distance it will take to complete City Quest in your city! Use your wits and planning skills and it’ll be an easy day in the city, don’t and you may find yourself running more than expected!


Q: What is the registration fee?

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A: A team or family registration pays for both you and your partner the day pf the race. City Quest is committed to making sure that the #1 priority of our race is a great particpant experience. We want to make sure you want to come back. Everything you will see the day of the City Quest race in your city is about you! City Quest will work to get food and drink specials, an awesome City Quest T-Shirt, a finishers medal,  cash and prizes for top finishers, and a top notch experience the day of the race. A portion of proceeds collected will also go to support local non-profit groups!

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