Welcome Bulls Varsity Club!

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City Quest is proud to announce another challenge sponsor to our Tampa event, USF Bulls Varsity Club!

The Bulls Varsity Club is a membership organization for former student-athletes who participated in any of USF’s Varsity sports, as well as former cheerleaders, dance squad members, managers, trainers, and coaches. The Varsity Club provides special benefits and activities designed to support lifelong bonds between USF and those who competed under the green and gold banner.

The Bulls Varsity Club is a way for former student-athletes to connect and re-connect with each other and maintain the relationships built during their years as a Bull. All Bulls Varsity Club members have invested their time and energy to building the tradition of academic and athletic excellence at the University during their days as student-athletes. Reinvesting means giving back to USF athletics to ensure that our current coaches and players have the resources necessary to continue this tradition for years to come. To help provide the highest level of support to our current student-athletes, coaches and teams, they allow former student-athletes to earmark their contributions to go directly to their former team.



Welcome Orange Theory Fitness!

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We just added another sponsor to City Quest Tampa on October 3rd and are excited to announce that Orange Theory Fitness Channelside is on board to test your physical prowess in another physical challenge!

OTF Channelside, led by Studio Manager Jessica Dotson, uses the science of Heart-Rate Based Treadmill Interval Training, the efficiency of Indoor Rowing for increased power and the proven concept of Weight Training Blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired. Most importantly, it’s all about energy! Not only do you need energy to get the results you want, but the workout will continue energizing your body and mind long after you go home. After one month you will see sustained increased energy throughout the day, start to see your hard work pay off in amazing results in 3 months, and be on your way to a totally new you in 6 months!

Jessica and her team aren’t just about physical health though! They will also have teams named “Allout4JAB” honoring a local veteran Jamie Brunette who tragically passed last year. In honor of their commitment to community City Quest will be donating $10 of any entry fee using that team name to the charity of their choice in her name! Thank you for all your do OTF and we are glad to have you on as a sponsor of City Quest Tampa!


What Makes City Quest The Best?

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Over the last 10 years “mob races” have grown a pretty significant following. Mobs can be anything—mud runs, obstacle courses, adventure races, costume chases—but what really defines them is that they are hyper social, they are often team-based, and they are a whole lot of fun. Because of the growth and excitement about these types of races we have seen a ton of new races created and admittedly, City Quest is in that boat! However, we aim to be the best of the “urban adventure races” on the market.

Sounds easy enough, but what makes this race any different than those that are already established? Well we have taken a substantial amount of feedback to ensure that the race day experience is top notch for the participants. Some of the differences you will see:
  • This is not a “take a selfie and run” race like others. City Quest will level the playing field by hosting challenge stops that will test the participants mentally or physically.
  • Water stops! Few urban adventure races ever have water on their routes, causing teams to carry it with them, buy it along the route, or risk dehydration. City Quest will have water at select challenges throughout the race.
  • WIN CASH! This is a big one, City Quest has two divisions team and family. The winners of each will earn $500 and $250 respectively.
  • The Experience! This is our main focus and we are dedicated to really creating an awesome experience for participants. Registration covers the team of two, City Quest shirts for each, finishers medals for each, food and drink specials before and after the race, and an awesome after race party!

With all that being said, we want to create a solid foundation for City Quest and can’t do it without you. If you haven’t registered yet, take a look at our registration page and sign up for City Quest Tampa on October 3rd!




Welcome Southern Boom Crossfit!

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City Quest Tampa is going to have some really awesome sponsors on October 3rd! We would like to welcome Southern Boom Crossfit to the team and are appreciative to have them on board!

Led by certified crossfit coaches Drew Austin, Kelly Souheaver, Kayla Keene, Wade Duncan, and Ann Priest Southern Boom CrossFit is a CrossFit box located in Odessa Florida. Their mission is to provide functional & adaptable fitness training to a wide range of athletes, regardless of ability or desired goals and are dedicated in setting strong foundations & refining your body’s ability to move.

Southern Boom Crossfit will be opening soon at 8515 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556. For more information check out their website or contact them at:

813-508-BOOM (2666)

Thanks for the support and we look forward to their challenge at City Quest Tampa on October 3rd!

Southern Boom Crossfit


Q: When do prices go up?

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As with similar races the nearer we get to the event date the more the price will go up for team entries. The reason for this is because it is easier to order medals (BLING!) and Tshirts ahead of time so set up and shipping costs are minimized! We can have a guestimate of how many participants we think we will have, but in the case we have to order more giveaways closer to the event the more expensive it costs us. So in short, our costs go up and so does the events.

Want to get a City Quest entry at the earliest price? Well take a look at the fee schedule below for City Quest Tampa. Make sure you buy early to get the best price!

$49 until 7/31/15.
$59 from 8/1 to 8/14.
$69 from 8/15 to 8/28.
$79 from 8/29 to 9/11.
$89 from 9/12 to 9/27.
$99 until 10/3/15.


Note: We originally were charging a fee scale based on number of participants and that has changed. However, all previous registrations were at lowest level so no registrations were effected. Any questions feel free to reach out directly or comment.

“Oh no, I think I have a race conflict!” Think again friends!

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We are committed to providing the best race experience for our participants as we possibly can. On the day of City Quest Tampa you can expect an organized registration/bib pick up, an exciting kick off to the race, and an amazing after race awards presentation and after party!

Did you register for another race that day already? We set our date of October 3rd way in advance, but know that race schedules and conflicts come up all the time. Through the grapevine we might have heard that the Great Bacon Race is also on October 3rd, but if you are the adventurous type (some call it crazy) and wanted to do both races you can rest assured that there is plenty of time to do both. The Great Bacon Race starts registration at 8 am and kicks off their race at 9 am. With even a mediocre pace you should be able to finish a 5k, take a little break, get hydrated, hang out with friends and then make it over to Downtown Tampa for City Quest Tampa which will start our race at 11:30 am!

Enjoy some bacon in the morning, explore your city with City Quest, and then enjoy our awesome after party at Ferg’s Live in Channelside. We will have food and drink specials, games, awards presentations ($$$), a DJ, and an amazing atmosphere to relax in post race!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to City Quest!

Q: How do we solve these clues?

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At the start of City Quest participants will be given a sheet full of questions, riddle, and clues to help them successfully navigate to the challenge stops along the race. The clues are in no particular order so solving them early is essential to running an efficient race! What do these clues look like? Here is an example of a clue that could used for the city of Tampa:

  • If you have ever eaten jelly beans with friends you will likely know that people either love or hate this color jelly bean. Do you know what color we are talking about? If so, what is the name of flowering plant called that gives them their unforgettable flavor? Navigate your way to the restaurant that goes by the same name and get ready for your next challenge!

Think you know what the answer is? Comment on this blog post and let’s see what you’ve got!

Many people ask how they are supposed to solve these clues and the short answer is: HOWEVER YOU WANT! You can bring a friend to the race with you who stays at the start/end point. You can look them all up on your phone. Phone a friend! Ask the tourist downtown (not suggested). Use maps. Follow other teams.  It doesn’t matter, because there are literally no rules to how you solve the clues.

Personally, when I was a participant in other similar races I had friends look them up and help me map the most efficient route through the city. The only rule is that you must complete every challenge with your teammate and that you can only use public transportation or walk/jog/run to get there,  i.e. no cabs, ubers, lyfts, bikes, unicycles (though it would be fun to watch), skateboards, rollerblades, 4 wheel skates, hoverboards, etc. Busses, Subways, Trolleys, people movers, etc are ok! If you have questions leave a comment and we will make sure to clarify anything you ask!

Q: What is the distance of the race at City Quest?

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A: I remember asking this question before my first adventure race. I sat there with a map of the city in hand and thought to myself “how far do I plan on running today?”. I quickly found out that nobody in this race was going to run the same distance, it all depended on my planning skills!


City Quest isn’t like your typical road race where you follow a set course and have a specific distance that you will run from start to finish. Instead you are given a sheet of clues in random order and you will determine your own path and distance based on your research and mapping skills! On average our race will likely be about 3.5 miles total, however, that can vary depending on if you solved the clues correctly, started off in the right direction, if you mapped it in an organized order getting you from challenge to challenge in the shortest distance, and other factors (like did you take all roads or cut through parking lots)! It could be less, it could be more, but on average you should be around 3.5 miles.
This is truly your race and you are the biggest factor in the time and distance it will take to complete City Quest in your city! Use your wits and planning skills and it’ll be an easy day in the city, don’t and you may find yourself running more than expected!



City Quest Takes 2nd at Mud Wars!

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Each year the City of St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Club Sports put on an amazing event called “Extreme Mud Wars”. This is an awesome  event at Spa Beach in Downtown St. Pete that combines all the fun events of a field day, but in a fun filled muddy mess! Teams of 8-10 compete throughout the day for bragging rights and the ultimate prize, the winners cup! This year City Quest Races sponsored a team for the Saturday event and they finished 2nd overall. It was a great day and we couldn’t have been more happy to sponsor such an awesome team of athletes! Special thanks to Southern Boom Crossfit for joining the team! Check them out if you are in the Tampa area!


If you participated in Mud Wars 2015 take $10 off City Registration with code “MudWars” until 7/31/15.

50% Race Entry Today Only!

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National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running. Since 2009, the country’s foremost running organizations have worked together to celebrate our sport with thousands of participants on the first Wednesday of June. We encourage runners to join in by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal.

In honor of National Running Day we are offering 50% of race registration for June 3rd only! Use code “RUNDAY” at check out for your discount! Expires at midnight. Thanks everyone for your support!


Are you ready to race? Register Today