Next events in 2017!

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Hello City Quest fans! While I would have loved to have another event in 2016 it was just not possible for me this year. I got engaged in April 2016 and wedding planning and making the future wife happy takes priority!

Sit tight and in 2017 we will work to have another event in Tampa with new challenges, new locations, and even more fun!

City Quest Tampa Times and Winners

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I want to thank everyone who came out to City Quest Tampa on Saturday and participated in our inaugural event. Overall we had some really great feedback and learned a lot about how to organize and successfully put on event of this size. We had 90 total teams participate and saw some great competitors out there flying through the race and challenges.  Please feel free to share any feedback about what you liked (and didn’t like) about the event. We can only get better if we know what our racers want and I am open to hearing your needs and desires for City Quest. A big thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors though. What a great day!

Below is the list of finish times. Congratulations to the Adkins Family for 1st place Family Division and to Aric Brian and Jason Breen for the 1st place Team Division.

If you finished and a time isn’t listed please let us know. We tried to get everyone on there, but it seems a few got away without their time recorded.  Also, the list was created from our registration so if your teammate isn’t listed and you would like them added please email me directly so I can add them manually for you:

Team Division
Aric Brian Pha La Sol Jason Breen 1:11:20 Winnner
Nicholas Catania NHIE Tampa Bay Ryan Sullivan 1:17:00 Second
Joey Wheeler Jesus Loves Winners Dan Stone 1:18:40 Third
Kyle Smith Jason Kelly 1:22:01
Sharon Kaylor Tampa Bay Warrior Fitness Rob McGary 1:28:24
Chris Cox  Kazlene Koop Unknown 1:29:00
Scott Pollenz Team Grand Slam Josh Solomon 1:32:00
Jonathan Prockop ShandraV Shandra 1:34:25
Joshua Caraballo Zoonatics Amy Blackford 1:37:25
Daniel Harden 1:37:37
Paul Raspitzi 1:37:52
Tracy Halfman Half & Half Chris Halfman 1:42:35
Jesse Reade Smelville Ashley Salmeron 1:45:25
Zach Pietrzyk Nate Titus 1:46:30
Suzanne Bernardo Bernazo Conrad Lazo 1:49:10
Joanie Johnson FRAYED KNOT Cecil Johnson 1:54:40
Nate Bivins  Patty Racener 1:58:57
Cheryl Martin CJ Jaci Light 2:00:17
Pasqualina Sparks Faded Fury Brandon Frank 2:04:08
Chris Caro Setyh Foley 2:04:10
Leigh Lilla Nole & Bull Ashley Quaid 2:09:13
Sandi Lake Who Knows?! to be determined 2:10:47
Samantha Delle Caitlyn Derr 2:12:40
Taylor Vonderheide TKO Keith Ostermann 2:13:07
Gregory Stevens Team Awesome Whitney Allen Stevens 2:13:13
Kimberly Nichols Nichols Ninjas JT Nichola 2:15:00
Keeley Sheehan 2:17:57
Carlos Ramirez Team Carmen Street Jennifer Thompson 2:20:40
Jeff Freedman Megan Freedman 2:25:13
Kyle Crews Our Beagle is the Real Team Captain Bethany Hartsell Crews 2:26:03
Nidia Ross Double Trouble Cathie Gharing 2:32:50
Stephanie Torre Steph Team Vivian 2:34:05
Jennifer Bryk IQ^2 Michael Dodson 2:34:12
Jamee Moran Team Moran Jim Moran 2:34:14
Jillian Torre team jill eman torre 2:34:31
Jacquelynn Lasko Lucky Laskos Beau Lasko 2:35:00
Jessica Conte Andrea Toll 2:35:00
Hallie McGowan McGowwows Drew McGowan 2:35:08
Courtney Hyde BlueBelles Lauren Zafar 2:37:40
Christine Beck BFFMeows Melissa Howell 2:38:40
Nycole Delzeith Master Debaters Sean Lampley 2:39:04
Marielle Howell Rub Some Zen On It Anthony Kritsings 2:45:03
William Gilbreath Riboflavin Arlene Villarreal 2:45:08
Morgan Griffin #Dynamic Duo Jennifer McNabb 2:46:02
Aimee Breaux Cara Pierce 2:46:56
Allison Geers Stacey Johnston 2:49:10
Kortnie Holmes Just Us Sunny Crum 2:50:50
Jenn Reed Just Us Isaiah Reed 2:51:51
Melissa Messina Seats A&B John Giblin 2:53:40
Lesley Curry CK1 Rob King 2:58:09
Giselle Muise The Tuties Jordan Sorchevich 3:01:14
Benjamin Ladouceur Team Name Mayra Ferrer 3:06:36
Madison Kilgore Doing It for the Vine Owen Nicely 3:07:42
Jenny Campbell Team Campbell Randy Campbell 3:10:31
Toni Benton Team Benton Bill Benton 3:15:44
Angela Drago Sandy Bonham 3:21:05
Patrick Opinion William Hernandez 3:21:39
Amber Keller Haybubs Mary Razouk 3:38:10
Paula Mays The Incredibles Doug Mays 3:46:15
Veronica Quiroz Francis Gallagher 3:56:38
Tami Bass Dynamic Duo Wayne Davis 4:04:30
Tiffany Harmon Kayla Geeker
Robert Weldon Ashley Weldon
Alexa Drane Rockwell Danielle Sullivan
Nichole Coronado Rockwell Keisha Crowell
Sarah Buchanan Rockwell
Diana Cadle Dynamic Duo Tracy russell
Kimberly Youmans Yo-Man Justin Youmans
Cristina Sayegh Team GC George Sayegh
Justin Miller Old and Young Richard Miller
Julie Semancik
Theresa Bonnell Down N Dirty
JoAnn Surber A Good Paws Diane M Jones
Sharon Colding
Albert West West and Cinto Chris Giacinto
Susan Klinefelter Warehouse Runners Douglas Ware
Brian Talley Mario and Peach Saunya Talley
Amanda Stillwell
Jay Rivenburg The Dynamic Duo Kiersten Rivenburg
Amanda Hecimovich Mariah Roger Piekarski
Courtnei Watts Justice League Christina Hutson
Patrick Donahue Lauren Donahue
Melissa Jamison #TAF Claudia Santos
Julie Cindric
Donny Adkins Team Adkins Blake Adkins 2:29:30 Winner
Stacey Adkins Fantastic Four Abagail Adkins 2:29:30 Winner
Brian Hecimovich Bs Quared Braylon Hecimovich 2:59:07 Second
Lori Kull Knon-E Ethan 3:00:30 Third

City Quest Tampa Race Day Info

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City Quest Participants,

Thank you for registering for City Quest Tampa, taking place this Saturday, 10/3 at Ferg’s Live in downtown Tampa. We have worked tirelessly to assure that you will have an amazing time and we are expecting over 100 teams to compete in City Quest on Saturday. Please continue to share our event with your friends and family! Below you will find relevant information for the race. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.


  • ​Ferg’s Live has parking on site and it is marked with signs. There are also multiple garages and other public parking facilities within a short walking distance. Please read our blog about parking here.

Race Check and Kick Off

  • ​Race check in will begin at 10 am. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the kick off to allow plenty of time to get you checked in, get your shirt, and be ready for the kick off. The actual race will begin promptly at 11:30 am.
  • Award for best costume ($50) will be awarded prior to the race and by audience participation.
  • Challenge stations will close down at 2:30pm. If you haven’t completed them all at that time we ask that you navigate back to Ferg’s for the after party and winner announcement.
  • This race is rain or shine, but the weather looks beautiful this Saturday with a high of 81!

Actual Race

  • Please read the basic rules on our blog here.
  • To understand what our clues are like check out this blog.
  • There is a 10 minute limit per challenge but do not anticipate anyone going beyond that. If you skip a challenge all together you will be assessed a 20 minute penalty.
  • There are 3 challenges you can skip when you get there if you pay a $5 donation to the non-profit who benefits from that challenge. You still have to go to the location to donate and get your stamp.
  • The actual distance of the race will be determined by your ability to map an efficient route. The shortest possible distance is about 3.5 miles.
  • There will be challenges where we have water available to our competitors, however, we do encourage you to stay hydrated throughout the race on your own.

After Party and Awards

  • ​We encourage everyone to come enjoy the after party at Ferg’s where they will have food and drink specials. There will be a DJ during the event and plenty of tailgate games to keep you busy so please come and have fun!
  • Awards are $50 for best costume (prior to race), $500 for 1st place team entry, and $250 for 1st place family entry.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me directly! Thank you for your support of our inaugural event and we look forward to meeting everyone on Saturday!

Stephen Lytle
City Quest Races, LLC

Ben & Jerry’s Save Our Swirled Tour is on Board!

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Today we picked up another great sponsor for City Quest Races​ in Tampa. We are very happy to announce that Ben & Jerry’s​ will be present on their “Save our Swirled Tour” giving out a free scoop of ice cream, raising awareness about climate change, and showing off their fancy customized Tesla! Come check it out and make sure you sign up using code “Tampa30” to save $30 on a team registration for our Tampa race on Saturday!

City Quest Tampa – Parking!

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Ferg’s Live is located downtown and because of that free parking will be at a premium. There is plenty of parking in the area though and nobody should have any issues finding places to park safely. Below you will find a parking map of the area that identifies where there are parking lots you can utilize. There are also parking garages along Channelside Drive by the Amalie Arena and near Channelside Plaza. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at!



Welcome tbt* as our newest City Quest sponsor!

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City Quest would like to welcome tbt* as our newest sponsor for City Quest Tampa on October 3rd!

tbt* is a FREE daily newspaper distributed throughout Tampa Bay at over 3,500 locations. tbt* distributes 431,500 copies each week with an average daily readership of over 192,000. tbt* is an edition of the Tampa Bay Times.

Find them on:

*Twitter: @tbtnewspaper
*Instagram: tbtnewspaper
*Facebook: tbtnews

Check them out online at!


Busy Weekend, Winner Announcement!

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Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit us at the City Quest booth yesterday at Flavor Run and the Glow Bash 5K later in the evening! We had a great time meeting you all and hope we can see you at the race on Saturday, October 3rd in Tampa!

The winner of our free entry contest was Brenda Kendrick. Congratulations and please let us  know if you want to be in the team or family division so we can send you your comped entry!

To learn more about City Quest follow us on facebook here!

Thanks again everyone and we hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Welcome Bricks 4 Kidz Tampa!

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City Quest Races is proud to announce another great sponsor to City Quest Tampa. Bricks 4 Kids!

Bricks 4 Kids enrichment programs provide an extraordinary atmosphere for students to build unique motorized creations, build art, explore imaginations, play games,  and have loads of fun using LEGO® bricks.  With over 300 proprietary model plans designed by engineers, architects, and teachers, and grouped in exciting themes, such as Space Adventures, Amusement Park and Transportation Timeline, our programs cater to all ages and skill levels; from Duplo bricks to robotics, they offer classes for both the beginner and advanced LEGO® enthusiasts.  Students participate in activities that are designed to trigger their lively imaginations, build self-confidence, and promote cooperation and teamwork.

Bricks 4 Kids offers:

  • After School Programs
  • Kidz Night Out
  • Preschool Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • Mommy and Me Playdates
  • Birthday Parties
  • Field Trips
  • and more!!!

Bricks 4 Kids is located at 3713 West Dale Ave, Tampa, FL 33609.

They can be reached at 813-545-4282 or on their website at





What are the rules for City Quest?

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The event starts with teams receiving a clue sheet detailing a variety of physical and intellectual challenges! Located throughout the city, these challenges will test mind, body, and spirit. To conquer this urban adventure race, teams will run, walk, and use public transit to navigate their way throughout city, while calling family and friends for help, accessing the Internet, and even employing assistance of total strangers. The first team to complete the City Quest challenges and cross the finish line wins!

  • Teams are comprised of two members per team. There are two divisions: Adult and Family, a Family Team must have a child age 14 or under.
  • Teams may travel by foot or public transit, which includes buses, trains, subways, and public trolleys. No taxis, bikes, skateboards, or roller blades are allowed.
  • Teams are allowed to solve clues in any order they choose. Some teams solve all clues and map out a route before leaving the start line, while others prefer to solve clues en route.
  • Teams are allowed to use friends or family to help solve clues.
  • Teams will need a digital camera or phone with camera ability in case a clue involves pictures.
  • The clock begins once the clue are distributed and times are recorded as teams cross the finish line.
  • Penalties are given to teams who do not complete a challenge. Teams will receive a 20-minute penalty that will be added to their final time for each incomplete challenge.
  • Winners of the team division will receive $500, family division $250.
Are you ready to race? Register Today